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          51 buying leads found from 36 buyers for "silicon wafer"

          Wanted: purchase all kinds of recyclable silicon materials

          Apr 6, 2022
          We have been in PV industry for many years. Currently, we need large quantity of broken/scrap solar cell ,broken/scrap solar wafer, top & tails, wings, B/C grade virgin poly,side cuts, all kinds of recyclable silicon materilals.In case anything,...

          Wanted: buying all kinds of recyclable silicon materials for PV use

          Aug 19, 2021
          We're still interested in buying all kinds of broken silicon materials, such as broken solar wafer ,boken ingots, top & tails, wings, bricks, side cuts, C-grade virgin poly, pot scraps. We interested in B-grade IC wafer and broken IC wafer as well....

          Wanted: Looking for silicon wafer with blue tape

          Mar 26, 2014
          Dear all: We are looking for blue tape wafer with ink die for Nand flash or Cmos Image sensor,we need big quantity with very Attractive price. If you got any related goods or supplying information,we are pleasure to buy or give commission to...

          Wanted: waste silicon wafer slicing slurry

          Jun 30, 2013
          Dear Sir or Madam:!we are looking for used/waste silicon wafer slicing slurry or called used Polyethylene glycol (peg) slurry ,that is used peg slurry comes from every sillicone wafer slicing factory ,Our needed specification is 1200# or 1500#, the...

          Wanted: solar grade silicon materials

          Oct 16, 2012
          RE: silicon materials for solar grade(6N-9N) and IC grade(11N) HIGH RESISTIVITY AND/OR LOW RESISTIVITY P TYPE AND/OR N TYPE - - silicon ingot: top and tail, broken ingot - silicon wafer : whole wafer ,broken wafer(bare/ssp/dsp/film/pattern) - pot...
          Hong Kong

          Wanted: used semi iron implantation equipment

          Sep 3, 2012
          Our factory want to purchase the used 3inch 4inch 5inch 6inch 8inch 12inch iron implantation equipment for silicon wafer

          Wanted: polished silicon wafer

          Aug 10, 2011
          polished wafer of polycrystalline silicon (Si) diameter 120mm, thickness up to 1 mm, uncoated, coated n-n-n or n-n-n is not important, samples 4 pcs, free shipping price order 0.0 usd use for heating elements

          Wanted: purchase solar cell

          Apr 26, 2011
          we purchase solar and IC materials for years,we are researching the standard 125or156mm solar cell and wafer. 1.Solar Tops&tails. 2.broken ingots of mono and muilt. 3.IC or solar Scrap wafers. 4.Poly silicons. 5.IC broken wafers, solar broken...

          Wanted: we need monocrystalline silicon wafer

          Dec 9, 2010
          we need monocrystalline silicon wafer for our new factory, 10 pcs per month. plz send us your products list and offer

          Wanted: Buy - Polysilicon & Silicon scrap

          Aug 23, 2010
          We are looking for the b,m Silicon material. If any genuine seller who has the said material, kindly contact us at below email along with the full offer asap. - Polysilicon (Virgin Poly chunk) - Ingot (Solar & IC grade) - Bare whole wafer (P-type,...

          Wanted: buying broken silicon wafer and non famous metal

          Apr 17, 2010
          Buying broken silicon wafer and other silicon materials,non famous metal(indium ,with indium content items.)

          Wanted: silicon wafer

          Apr 15, 2010
          silicon wafer 8" second-rate films silicon wafer, silicon cells

          Wanted: Silicon wafer

          Oct 21, 2009
          I`m looking for IC grade silicon wafer (P type, High res, bare) Also I want to buy other IC grae silicon scraps I need more than 10 tons every month.

          Wanted: we buy silicon wafers and solar cells and germanium scrap

          Apr 3, 2009
          here is what we are looking for: broken solar cells. whole wafers. broken wafers. germanium scrap. if you can provide these materials please let me know. _ here is our company busniess card: (i.s.r.) international silicon recycling 39962 cedar blvd...
          United States

          Wanted: Inquire: Silicon Ingots & Wafers and Silicon-scrap Material

          Sep 2, 2008
          We are Skyway Silicon Technology Ltd., the leading factory in China, specializes in reclaiming/recycling all kinds of silicon materials, growing ingot and cutting wafers for solar and Semiconductor industry. We need 10-100 tons per month for our...

          Wanted: buying silicon wafer and silicon ingot

          Aug 14, 2008
          We are purchasing silicon materials as] IC grade (>6N)silicon wafer,silicon ingot and so on. If you have anything like these,please contact me I will offer you a best price as we can. Thanks very much!

          Wanted: Buy - Silicon materials (Wafer, Pot scrap, Top & Tail, Silicon Ingot etc..)

          May 26, 2008
          We are looking for all kinds of Silicon materials such as below mentioned from reliable Korea suppliers. Any genuine suppliers who has the below mentioned products, kindly contact us at below our private e-mail addresses asap accordingly....

          Wanted: buy broken solar cell scrap

          Apr 24, 2008
          Dear supplier, I am Sendy,gald to know you. We want to purchase broken silicon wafer scrap,pot scrap,broken solar cell scrap. Do you have the scrap of material silicon? If you have, can you sent me your scrap of material silicon's...

          Wanted: solar grade silicon wafers, silicon material

          Apr 21, 2008
          solar grade silicon wafers Our company would like to sourcing solar grade silicon wafers, silicon material broken silicon wafers, silicon top and tail material, etc.

          Wanted: Buy IC/ solar broken/scrap silicon wafer,top and tail,pot scrap,polychunks

          Mar 7, 2008
          I'm the purchase manager of Shanghai JD Electronics.We are the main silicon materials buyer located in China.We are keep sourcing the scrap silicon materials such as broken/scrap wafer,top&tails,ingot fallout,pot scrap and so on.The following red...
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